Nat Festival of Myanmar in 2014


1 Maung Dong Nat Festival Monywa 20 – 30  March
This festival is known to be the most important gathering of witches imaginable. According to the legend, Ye Kin Kadaw, the Queen of the Witches, the favourite wife of King Taung U, had extraordinary powers. The king sent her into exile, as his other wifes did not like her supernatural power. She went to Maung Dong, where she got drowned. Her oldest statue, only 30 centimeters high, can thus be found in Maung Dong. During this festival all 37 kinds of nats will be placed in a shrine, devotees offering them bunches of bananas, green coconuts, betel leaves, colourful arrangements of flowers and ‘money bouquets’.


2 Ah-Lone Festival (Nat) Monywa 24 – 30 March
On the Shwe Bo Road, twelve kilometers north of Monywa, the town of Ah-Lone celebrates its festival in March. The heroine of this festival is Ma Ngwe Daung (Ms. Silver Wings) who was a daughter of the Ah-Lone Bodaw, a minor Indian prince who came through Tamu and Kaleitmyo to Myanmar. The celebration of this festival is related to the love story of Ma Ngwe Daung. During the festival the pilgrims appeal to Ma Ngwe Daung to give them the opportunity to have as many mistresses as hairs on their head. The festival appeals also to pilgrims wishing to control or to spirit away illness with the waters on offer there.
3 Shwe Kyun Pin Nat Pwe Mingun 28 – 31 July
This festival is regional Nat festival, keepers of the Ayeyarwaddy River. After harvest time, hundreds of farmers, wearing colourful dresses, arrive with their beautifully decorated bullock carts at the Myatheindan Pagoda. They build a big tent as temporary housing for the nat images. During these days the mediums perform Nat Dances in order to be granted a good harvest for the next season and to the delight of hundreds of spectators. Can observe several kinds to ceramic wares from Sagaing and Kyaukmyaung are laid out at the bank of river for sale during the festival.
4 Taung Pyone Spirit Festival near Mandalay 3 – 10 August
Famous Nat festival celebrated to the two spirit brothers attended by tens of thousands of mediums and worshippers. Orchestras come to play for the mediums who dance to make the spirits joyful.More : Taung Pyone — mul


5 Yadana Gu Spirit Festival Amarapura 22 – 24 Sept.
Known as mother of Taungbyone Festival. Most enjoyable because of the rowing boat trip to the site. The festival is held annually in honor of Mt. Popa. Medaw, Mewanna (Mother of the two Lords) who came back from Taunbyon Festival, halted on her way back to Mt. Popa at the Yadanagu as her transit camp.
6 Bo Bo Gyi Nat Festival Amarapura 1 – 13 Sept.
Bo Bo Gyi is believed to have high level alchemical and to have expired to become a Nat. On the eve of ceremony pilgrims throw tealeaf packets at one another from racing exacts. It is regarded as a pledge that one who is hit must take a visit next year with out fail.
7 Popa Guardian Spirits Festival Mount Popa, near Bagan 5 – 6 December
One of the most well known Nat Festival. Popa is about 30 miles from Bagan and there is one of the center of nat-worshipers. Nat Maung Tint De, the mighty blacksmith of Tagaung who became a Nat is worshiped by many households all over Myanmar as the house Guardian Nat.

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