Guided One Day Tour Program

Greetings from Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel  and welcome to Mandalay.

We are a small but reliable company specializing in cultural tours in and around Mandalay. We care for our cultural heritage and would like to share our traditional life with you, enabling you to experience our region and to meet its people. We try to operate our tours as responsible and sustainable as our still developing country allows.

Customized tours upon request – Except for our guided One Day Tours we can also arrange   multiple longer inclusive tours through the entire country and for any group size.

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Heritage of Upper Myanmar tour

This enjoyable trip will take you to visit KyaukMyaung famous for its distinctive glazed pottery and Hanlin (A significant Pyu ancient cities)  Archaeological site. You will also visit the origin of the Kongbaung Dynasty  located 110 km north-west of Mandalay between the Irrawaddy and the Mu rivers. The route is a little bit rough but don’t worry you will be take care of all the time.

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Heritage tour of Upper myanmar

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Country side of Upper Myanmar tour

Find your experiences with this tour of Upper Myanmar for 3 days. We will start from Mandalay for this trip and will stop at Sagaing for a visit spending a few time. On the way to Monywar can see the firms, plum garden and local life who working in the paddy fields. Main visit points of Monywar will be Thanboddhay pagoda, Standing Buddha statue and Phowintaung cave. Jetty in Monywar is a good place to relax beside the Ayeyarwaddy river at the evening. Phowintaung cave is one of attraction place around Monywar will be visited in the next day of this trip. Sure you will enjoy with this short trip and may have a chance to continue trip to Bagan.

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Upper Myanmar tour Monywar

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Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin and Community Travel

Enjoy your holiday with this tour of cruise trip in the Ayeyarwaddy river to see the river dolphin species. Fisherman are use to work with the dolphins together for fishing for a long time. I’m sure you will really interest in their way of mutual benefits in the fishing process. Then you will visit the local villages near or beside the river and you will have experiences about the local life. This 2 days 1 night trip is very interesting and different from other regular visit.

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Starter Package when land in Mandalay

We offer the following Starter Package (Your Arrival Day in Mandalay + Three Ancient Cities Tour as OPTION – 1 (or) Mingun – Mandalay tour as OPTION -2) to avoid suspicious circumstances and to conveniences at the beginning of your journey in Mandalay. This Tour suit for the one who is coming to Mandalay for the first time and we named it “ Starter Package”. When you land to Mandalay International airport, welcome by our tour guide and he/she will help you to change the first Kyats (Myanmar Currency). Then explore Mandalay city area, the center of the culture and heritage. The next day you will visit Ava-Sagain (or) Mingun around Mandalay.

Kuthodaw pagoda

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One Day Trip (Sagaing-Ava-Amarapura) in Mandalay

One Day Tour (Ava-Sagaing-Amarapura)

Myanmar is new destination for visiting and one of the interesting countries in the world. Mandalay is heart of culture in Myanmar which is located in upper Burma. Mandalay is the last capital of Myanmar kingdom and some monument of royal kingdom are still remained.  Around the Mandalay city, there are three ancient cities which appeared before Mandalay.  These are Ava, Saggaing and Amarapura.  All were Royal cities. Ava was appeared as royal city for four times after the Bagan. Saggaing was also capital city of the Kongbaung dynasty and Amarapura was also Royal City in the same dynasty. Visiting  three ancient cities is very interesting.

Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel introduced Day Return Trip to Three Ancient Cities around Mandalay. Our Day Return Trip include hotel pick up, Transportation by Tour Bus with air-con, Guide service, a bottle of water and towel, drop back to the hotel. This  tour is available form Monday to Saturday and online booking is available at You can also buy the ticket at our office  No.B-5, 27 St, 71×72 St, in Mandalay,Tel: 02 65011, (or) query at the hotels in Mandalay. 

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Sagaing hill


Swan Oo Ponnya Shin


Sagaing hill sagaing


Nunnery at Sagaing



One Day Tours


Silver workshop


Maha Bonsan monastery


U Bein bridge


On the bus


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One Day Tour (SIC Basis) in Mandalay

We Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel launch Guided One Day Tours in Mandalay on 1st October 2013. 

Over view

Full day sightseeing around Mandalay is the popular trip and you can visit three ancient Royal Capital of Myanmar in the same day. Visit many historical monuments, a thousand of Buddhist monasteries and Nuneries, Panoramic view from the Sagaing hill and sunset at U Being bridge.  This tour include professional tour guide and transportation is arranged. For more detail click HERE

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One day tour in Mandalay


Full day tours in Mandalay

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Myanmar Traditional Handicrafts

As Asia at it best! Myanmar (formally knows as Burma) has been isolated from rest of the world for some decades. It is now available today as one of the world newest destinations for the travelers.

Myanmar is rich in culture and natural resources. There are Ten handicrafts in our tradition. 1. Pan Be,’ 2. Pan Yan, 3. Pan Pu, 4. Pan Tain, 5. Pan Chi, 6. Pan Put, 7. Pan Ywun, 8. Pan Tee, 9. Pan Tauk, 10.Pan Ta Mauk.

Mandalay is famous as the center of the culture in Myanmar. There are some popular Handicrafts and arts.

Myanmar String Puppet (Marionettes)


Wood Carving

Wooden Tub

Bornze product


Lacquer Ware

Marble Sculpture

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Myanmar Marionettes show

Myanmar Triditional Puppet Show

The Art of Making Myanmar Traditional and Professional Marionettes by Kyaw Myo Ko (Mandalay Marionettes Theater)

Updated Program of Mandalay Marionettes Theater for 2010-11 Audiences
1st PART music and dance 10 min
Musicial Prelude
Chamber Music
Harp and Fluid
Min-Thar Dance (Prince)
2nd PART traditional & regular marionettes 20 min
Natkadaw Dance (Ritual Dance)
Himawuntha Scene -
Horse + Monkey + Bilu fight
Zawgyi + fight of Garuda and Serpant
3rd PART creativity
15 min
Optional – 1 Wondered 7 Varieties Myanmar Marionettes
Comparative dance (puppet/human)
Optional – 2 Ramayana (chasing deer)
U Shwe Yoe + Daw Moe & Comparative dance (puppet/human)
Optional -3 Royal Page Boy Dance & U Shwe Yoe + Daw Moe (folk dance)
Cane Ball Dance & Comparative dance (puppet/human)
Optional – 4 Noviciate Ceremony
U Shwe Yoe + Daw Moe & Comparative dance (puppet/human)
4th PART master\’s talent (Old Veteran Puppeteer of MMT) 15 min
Mintha &  Minthami Duet Love Dance + Jesters
TOTAL 60 Mins
# Note – if there has request for specific professional program (or) story , inform us in advance #Dance From Dynasties


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Myanmar to redraw 1914 Company Act

Myanmar’s Company Act 1914 will be redrawn with assistance from the Asia Development Bank (ADB), said the deputy minister for National Planning and Economic Development.

The law is outdated and does not reflect the current situations, Deputy Minister Sett Aung noted during a parliamentary meeting on July 23.

The topic was first raised at the parliament by MP Kyi Myint from Latha Constituency, Yangon.

“This law is inconsistent with the Foreign Investment Law 2012. It also hurts the [interests of] ethnic entrepreneurs,” said Kyi Myint.

According to the Burma Company Act 1914, a company in which foreigners invest one dollar and above shall be regarded as a foreign company and it shall not be able to own immovable assets and shall have to pay taxes at the rate set for foreigners. This hurt the local businesses, Kyi Myint said.

Deputy Minister Sett Aung said the ADB has pledged necessary assistance in reviewing the law. An expert sent from ADB already met twice with Myanmar officials.

The expert suggested redraft the law rather than changing some of its parts. He discussed the technical issues involved during the meeting with the officials from the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development and the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration, Sett Aung said.

Source; Eleven Media Myanmar

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